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Deutz-Fahr 6 Cylinder


Made in Germany, the new Deutz-Fahr 6 Series TTV (continuously variable transmission) is quickly establishing itself as the new benchmark in the industry. Incorporating revolutionary German engineering and technology, the 6 Series TTV exceeds expectations in operator comfort and performance. Additionally, due to improvements in design and the use of high-quality lubricants provided by your local Deutz-Fahr dealer, service intervals have been extended, lowering your operation cost. The 6 Series TTV consists of four models: 6190 TTV, 6210 TTV, 6230 TTV, and 6230 TTV HD. The four models are all powered by the highly reliable and application-proven Deutz-Fahr TCD 6.1 Stage V engine, producing up to 230 HP and 715 ft. lbs. of torque. Each of these four models benefits from the highly efficient TTV with a 50 KPH/31MPH travel speed.


The 6-cylinder Deutz TCD engine with turbocharger, intercooler and Common Rail up to 1600 bar, uses injection pumps lubricated by the engine oil. With the SCR, DOC and passive DPF package for exhaust after-treatment, it can perform to its full potential, guaranteeing minimum fuel consumption, which, when combined with its new large monolithic fuel tanks with capacities of up to 505 l (6230 HD), ensures an extremely long operating range. The passive diesel particulate filter used in the exhaust after-treatment system offers three advantages: no supplementary diesel injection to clean the filter, less production of heat, and decidedly quicker regeneration operations as compared with traditional filters. This technology helps reduce costs and save time, all while achieving Stage V emissions compliance. The standard engine brake feature dramatically reduces the wear and thus the expense associated with a model relying solely upon a conventional braking system.


Leveraging the success of the Deutz-Fahr 7 Series and 8 Series TTV, Deutz-Fahr applied the same design and technology to the 6 Series TTV. The revolutionary design incorporated into the transmission utilized a combination planetary mechanical component with two highly efficient high-pressure hydrostatic units. These components work together providing smooth acceleration for roading, while providing the ability to tailor travel speeds to optimal efficiency for any field/working application. This German-assembled transmission is the cornerstone of the Deutz-Fahr line-up due to its impeccable design providing smooth operation, efficient power utilization, and tailorable operating parameters to meet your application requirements.


The profitability that can be obtained from a tractor is strictly connected to both operational capacity and operating affordability. The new 6 Series TTV stands out precisely for these characteristics: the engine offers outstanding performance, even at low rpm, whereas the PTO, which has electro-hydraulic activation that can be modulated through iMonitor, comes as standard with 3 electronic shifted speeds at the rear (540ECO/1000/1000ECO) and up to two at the front (1000 or 1000ECO). With the DualSpeed front PTO option those speeds can be changed from the cab in the InfoCentrePro. This allows maximum operating efficiency at all times and means that it is possible to operate frequently with the engine at low rpm, significantly reducing fuel consumption, wear of the moving parts, and noise in the cab, which also extends the routine service intervals.


The Load Sensing Pump -available with flow rates of up to 46 GPM of total flow. The hydraulic fluid is made available for implements via four rear remotes. Each remote is electronically-controlled allowing for individual tailoring/programming of flow and speed to accommodate your application. Each model comes standard with Power Beyond and low-pressure return.


In order to be productive, the operator must have maximum control of the vehicle, both in the field and on the road, whether at high speeds or on bumpy terrain. While working with the new 6 Series TTV you can feel the machinery's high level of safety. The intelligent and adaptive suspension system gives the new 6 Series TTV maximum stability – both during heavy towing operations and when driving large loads. The innovative suspension concept stabilises the tractor during all transport operations and boosts driving safety. In order to ensure better handling on uneven ground, the dampers are mounted on the front side of the axle. The 6 Series TTV is the only tractor in this range that can be fitted with high performance dry disc brakes on the front axle. The additional booster brake system ensures maximum braking performance with lighter pedal pressure.


The revamped MaxiVision 2 Cab raises the bar in its class, thanks to air suspension, high-quality materials, great reliability, and attentive controls design. A multitude of features can be controlled using the ergonomic joystick located on the armrest: from speed selection to driving direction, to the combination of ComfortTip actions, to front and rear lift controls. It is an intuitive and straightforward system that you don't even have to move your hand to operate. Having the cab separated from the engine compartment limits the transmission of heat, vibrations and noise, increasing comfort to car-like levels, so much that the internal noise is contained to 69 dB(A) with the engine at maximum rotation speed. Visibility is outstanding in all directions, even at night, thanks to its powerful LED lights. InfoCenterPro provides information that is always clear and accurate and the mini MMI allows for easy definition of all tractor settings.

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