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Deutz-Fahr 5 Series


For efficient work with utility tractors, working, driving and operating comfort are just as important as versatility. Arable farms, dairy farms, livestock farms and municipal applications – the range of work is increasingly varied, and the working day increasingly long. Only if a utility tractor meets every aspect of the working profile can it be commercially successful. Only if the level of comfort is right will the performance and motivation of drivers remain high for a long time. DEUTZ-FAHR has developed the new 5 Series with this in mind. Three models with outputs of 106 hp to 126 hp stand out for superior comfort in addition to their versatility and reliable German technology. The highly comfortable cab of the new 5 Series is supported on the latest design of “Hydro Silent-Block” suspension mounts. The gear shift lever has been redesigned as the gears are now easily selected using a Bowden cable design.


High performance, reliability and environmental friendliness – the new and compact Deutz 3.6 Stage 4 (Tier4 Final) four-cylinder engines with an output of 106–126 hp deliver on average 5% more power and torque than the previous generation. At the same time, fuel consumption is extremely low. The maximum available torque is 1,600 rpm with a torque reserve of 32%. The power remains at the highest level for a wide rpm range from 1,800 to 2,200 rpm. Cutting-edge engine technology such as the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) catalytic converter and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system ensure a flawless environmental footprint. Engine efficiency is supported by the PowerCore air filter and the cooling system with its viscous fan (optional). The cooling system can be accessed almost instantly. Two pull-out dust screens make cleaning and maintenance work much easier.


When it comes to the transmission, the new 5 Series shows just how adaptable a utility tractor can be. For all variants, maximum efficiency is guaranteed by a highly efficient five-speed transmission with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and up to four gear ranges (slow, fast, creep and super creep) with two or three Powershift speeds and 20 to 60 forward and reverse gears. Driving at 40 km/h ECO with a reduced engine speed goes without saying. Thanks to Powershift technology, engine speed can be increased or decreased under load simply by pressing a button on the gear shift lever without activating the clutch. The electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle is equipped with two long-life wet multi-plate clutches. This makes it possible to change direction at speeds up to 13 km/h even under load. Standard equipment includes Powershuttle and the convenient Stop&Go function for stopping and moving off without using the clutch.


When you’re driving in the field, you know you’ll get the job done. No matter what obstacles you may find. You’re at home when in the field. This is where you deliver your top performance. Just like the new 5 Series. With respect to the PTO, the new 5 Series offers much more than the average utility tractors. At the rear, there are up to four PTO speeds: 540/540 ECO and 1000/1000 ECO. The front PTO runs at 1,000 rpm. The electro-hydraulic engagement with automatic function depending on the rear lifting position is included as standard. An impressive rear lifting capacity of up to 11,900 lbs External PTO and rear lift controls ensure straightforward equipment mounting and external equipment operation.


The Deutz-Fahr 5 Series provides ample hydraulic capacity for a variety of applications. The open center hydraulic system provides 14.5 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow. This is supported by three standard rear remotes, enabling a large variety of implements to be utilized.


The front axle concept of the new 5 Series guarantees driving comfort, manoeuvrability, safety and traction in all ground conditions. The compact bonnet allows a steering lock angle of 55 degrees. The SDD rapid steering system, which halves the number of steering wheel turns needed, is available as an option on every model. And safety is a top priority for DEUTZ-FAHR. The front axle – just like the rear axle – is fitted with disc brakes. These engage without engagement of the front drive. A mechanical parking brake is fitted as standard with the option of a hydraulic parking brake. These keep the new 5 Series stationary, even on steep gradients. Electro-hydraulic engagement of the differential lock and four-wheel drive is also standard. All models have a 100% locking of the front and rear axle.


Anyone who sits inside the new 5 Series will immediately notice that the new cab is the embodiment of comfort and peace. The design is similar to that of a comfortable car. Smooth curves, a bright, friendly atmosphere, controls within easy reach and clear visibility on all sides promote fast and efficient work. The difference to a car is that when you start the engine, you feel pure power and nothing else. Noise and vibrations remain outside. The cab is supported on the latest design of “Hydro Silent-Block” suspension mounts that absorbs up to 40% more vibrations than the previous versions. At night or when visibility is poor due to adverse conditions, the light package with eight work lights (six in the roof and two on the side posts) plus two working headlights and two LED lights in the bonnet guarantees perfect illumination of the entire working area. The ample cab space allows for a standard instructor seat to be included, allowing the operator to remain comfortable while receiving operational support via an instructor. A standard visibility roof panel enhances visibility, invaluable in demanding loader applications requiring overhead visibility. Whatever tractor tasks need to be carried out, the modern and stylish cab motivates drivers to enjoy their daily workplace. Day after day.

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