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Series 5D Keyline


All conceivable work on the farm, light transportation duties and field work in manageable areas – the new models in the Series 5D Keyline are simply ideal for small agricultural and part-time farming operations. Simply impressive technology: The displacement-optimised three-cylinder FARMotion 35 engines deliver top performance, fuel efficiency and optimum emission values with power outputs ranging from 66 HP (48,9 kW) to 102 HP (75 kW). Two mechanical five-speed shuttle transmissions are available: 15+15 or 30+15 gears together with the powershuttle transmission with a 15+15 or 30+30 Hi-Lo gearbox.


State-of-the-art, displacement-optimised three-cylinder FARMotion engines with power outputs ranging from 66 HP (48,9 kW) to 102 HP (75 kW) can be found under the hood of the new 5D Keyline series models (exhaust emissions standard Stage V). These engines have been specially developed for use in the agricultural industry. Electronic 2000 bar common-rail fuel injection with Turbo Intercooler aspiration guarantee high power delivery and a high torque with minimal fuel consumption and low emission values. The newly developed compact radiator with viscous-drive fans and PowerCore air cleaner promotes engine efficiency. The cooling system is also easily accessible, which significantly simplifies maintenance and cleaning work.


All new 5D Keyline models are equipped with a five-speed transmission declined in several versions. The simpler version features a mechanical shuttle and 15+15 speeds that can be increased to 30+15 by choosing the mechanical underdrive option. Powershuttle is even available, providing high productivity and driving comfort. All tractors with Powerhsuttle are equipped as standard with SenseClutch responsiveness adjustment, ComfortClutch and Stop&Go functions. Transmission with Powershuttle is available in a 15+15 version, and 30+30 with a Hi-Lo 2-step powershift. The final speed of 40 km/h can already be reached in ECO mode at 1800 rpm on all versions. This enables precise and efficient driving in all applications.


The profitability that can be obtained from a tractor is strictly connected to both operational capaThe new 5D Keyline models are genuine all-round tractors. The PTO shaft equipment options are accordingly versatile. Three configurations are available: 540/540 ECO, 540/540 ECO/1000 and 540/540 ECO with groundspeed PTO. This allows all relevant equipment to be operated highly economically. The PTO shaft is activated manually using a lever to ensure a smooth, jolt-free start-up or through a comfortable pushbutton. To meet international safety requirements, all 5D Keyline models feature a STANDSTILL PTO shaft and operating affordability. The new 6 Series TTV stands out precisely for these characteristics: the engine offers outstanding performance, even at low rpm, whereas the PTO, which has electro-hydraulic activation that can be modulated through iMonitor, comes as standard with 3 electronic shifted speeds at the rear (540ECO/1000/1000ECO) and up to two at the front (1000 or 1000ECO).


The hydraulic equipment in particular gives a good indication of how well a tractor can fit in with your enterprise. With the new 5D Keyline models, you have complete control over all relevant equipment. The 56 l/min OpenCenter pump powers two or even three additional mechanical control valves at the rear. The DEUTZ-FAHR mechanical rear power lift with the new EasyLift system is known for its precise and efficient control system and can lift 2500 kg as standard. This figure increases to 3500 kg with an additional cylinder. External operation from the rear mudguard also possible as an option.


All new 5D Keyline series models come with all-wheel drive and wet disc brakes on all four wheels. A selector valve ensures that the braking force is distributed across the individual wheels. When both brake pedals are depressed, all four wheels are braked. When the left-hand pedal is depressed, the rear-left wheel is braked. When the right-hand pedal is depressed, the rear-right wheel is braked. This provides maximum safety in all situations. A hydraulic trailer brake is available on request (country-specific). The front axle was developed by DEUTZ-FAHR specially for this horsepower class. The four-wheel drive system and 100% differential lock can be electrohydraulically operated at the touch of a button. The 55° steering angle guarantees maximum manoeuvrability.


Anyone climbing into the 5D Keyline series will immediately get the sense that it is a great place to work. Wide doors, a bright and welcoming atmosphere, plus 360° all-round visibility help farmers work efficiently. As is standard with DEUTZ-FAHR, all controls are logically arranged according to the frequency with which they are used, placed within easy reach and colour-coded. The instrument cluster in the adjustable steering column provides the driver with continuous information regarding all operating statuses. Analogue and digital. Three roof options are available. A standard roof with FOPS protection, a glass roof without FOPS, and a high-visibility polycarbonate cab roof with FOPS for unobstructed upward visibility when working with a front loader. No matter what applications you need to cover, the comfortable cab of the new 5D Keyline series motivates all drivers to deliver top performance.

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JD Tractor Stuff in Greer, South Carolina, is owned and operated by Doug Sudduth and Misty Holland. The dealership prides itself on its parts and service abilities while maintaining competitive prices on new machines and is known for its ability to find any equipment new or used to meet your need. As an award-winning Deutz-Fahr dealer in 2020, JD Tractor Stuff continues to grow to serve even more customers in North and South Carolina. Call Doug today and find out why so many people in South Carolina are becoming DeutzFahrmers.

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